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You Will Grow Into Them by Malcolm Devlin

You Will Grow Into Them

This collection is scheduled to be published by Unsung Stories in June 2017, and is available to pre-order now.
It contains ten stories, each a strange sort of coming of age tale. There are ghost stories without any ghosts in them, werewolf stories without any werewolves in them, a city that turns into forest, a barren planet with a peculiar sort of harvest celebration and a suburban street suffering a very personal and rather embarrassing apocalypse. I hope you enjoy them.

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“ Malcolm Devlin's You Will Grow Into Them is a collection of immaculately written tales that deftly mix darkness with a playful imagination. The result are stories that are as entertaining and humane as they are deeply unsettling. We need more stories in the world like these.”

— Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil's Rock

“ Devlin’s stories are characterized by their absence of fear in the face of strange changes. They oppose the grim stupidity of the horrific sublime with the quiet ironies of consciousness and the inexplicable flights of fate. It is a mark of distinction that, here as in much of the weird, visions of the world are made unstable and porous, even as they reveal how dangerous life has always been. Cracks emerge. Inevitably, bodies start to pile up. Almost worse, bodies begin to go missing. Who knows what will appear in their place? Generosity is not softness; darkness may be more comforting than any light. You Will Grow Into Them promises much, namely, a fate of incorporation into forming uncertainty. It delivers gleefully, warmly, and well—with a distressingly strange and inexorable smile.”

— Leif Schenstead-Harris, Weird Fiction Review

“ Devlin’s collection, like Andrew Michael Hurley’s The Loney before it, is set to become one of the decade’s landmarks of English weird.”

— Nina Allan, author of The Race

“ You Will Grow Into Them is filled with stories that are deceptively simple and perilously elegant. They look like fairy tales, but aren’t really – in fact, they are best described as a precise alchemy of language. Perfectly-pitched, thoroughly disquieting, You Will Grow Into Them is like a light in the darkness, that might lead you home or lure you from the path. Malcolm Devlin is one of our finest voices.”

— Angela Slatter, World Fantasy Award-winning author of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

“ Whilst reading this collection I was blown away by the quality of the writing and by how much each story got under my skin. They are subtle, empathetic, yet eerily strange; disquieting in places with the accuracy of the human condition portrayed through a darkly playful lens.
I recommend you read this book. It has the power to move, and to challenge the way each reader perceives the everyday.”

— Jackie Law, NeverImmitate

“ This debut collection of stories by Malcolm Devlin is one of the best I've read in years. Subtle, by turns tender and brutal, and full of the sort of beauty one only finds in the heart's darkest corner, You Will Grow Into Them made me both jealous and grateful. Stories like this are exactly why I love to read.”

— Nathan Ballingrud, author of North American Lake Monsters and The Visible Filth

“ You Will Grow Into Them is a compendium of strange tales that reveal much about our own world through a form of osmosis, stories in which psychological and spiritual states are made physically manifest. It marks the arrival of a potentially major new talent.”

— Pete Tennant, Interzone #270

Here are some stories I've written

These stories are by Malcolm Devlin: Passion Play (Black Static #38, TTA Press, Jan/Feb 2014); Must Supply Own Work Boots (Interzone #255, TTA Press, Nov/Dec 2014; Starship Sofa 452, September 2016); Two Brothers (Aickman's Heirs, Simon Strantzas, ed. Undertow Publications, 2015); Her First Harvest (Interzone #258, TTA Press, May/Jun 2015); The Knowledge (Gods, Memes and Monsters, Heather Jones, ed. Stone Skin Press, 2015); Five Conversations With My Daughter (Who Travels in Time) (Interzone #261, TTA Press, Nov/Dec 2015); Breadcrumbs (Interzone #264, TTA Press, May/Jun 2016); The End of Hope Street (Interzone #266, TTA Press, Sep/Oct 2016); Dogsbody (Black Static #54, TTA Press, Sep/Oct 2016); White Elephants (Nightscript Volume 2, C.M. Muller, ed. Oct 2016); We Can Walk It Off Come The Morning (Shadows and Tall Trees 7, Undertow Publications, May 2017); The New Man (Interzone #270, TTA Press, May/Jun 2017); Songs Like They Used To Play, We All Need Somewhere To Hide, The Last Meal He Ate Before She Killed Him, The Bridge (all published for the first time in the collection You Will Grow Into Them, Unsung Stories, June 2017); What Little Boys Are Made Of (Nightscript Volume 3, C.M. Muller, ed. Oct 2017)

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